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Last Site Update : 28/04/2008

By : ABZ


Hello And Welcome
This is the main page for TKC's projects. You can follow the links on the left to view the information. The info is NOT updated fairly regularly at the moment - so keep an Eye out ok (/me points to the eye at the top of the page - just incase my humor wasn't clear)....

News & Current Updates

Sad news I'm affraid - QuickType has been closed. See the Quick Type Page/Forum for more info. Thanks to the people that have helped over the years.


First News is obviously the new look site. As people who know me can already atest to, my artistic talents are limited to looking at peoples art. I struggle drawing stick men, never mind web site design, so i used a fairly basic template and improvised. I had started this around the time that QuickType v1.0b came out, with recent events around my personal life (which I wont bore you with) - time and effort are limited.


The main project is QuickType which is currently at Version 1.0b (follow the link for infomation). Theres also other information about Viral Activity and ABZ's MP3 Vs FLAC rant. Basically me messing around with stuff - so enjoy (or dont as the case maybe hehe....